Hello, my name is Kellllly (: I love my family, friends, dancing, music, LOVE, photography, the rainbow, acoustic guitar, cute little monsters, parties, bright stuff, dark stuff, smoke, clouds, rain, lightning, Bright Eyes ♥, ANTHONY GREEN, owls, dinosaurs, cuddling, quotes, adventures, anything sweet, watching movies, reading a good book, the simple little things in life, & amazing people. ♥  Boo Boo Kitty Fuck(s)
My love ♡


I want these so badly

It would be really super awesome if I could just stop being randomly depressed as fuck for no reason. Did I just run out of happy for the month? What the fuck is this?

I want you :3

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i don’t want to have responsibilities, i want to go to punk shows 

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That time I added a bit too much bubblebath to the tub.

that’s a shower…

Last night, I came home to my boyfriend laying in his boxers, next to a large pizza, tampons, and my favorite creamer, with Netflix ready to go. Wow I love you hahaa :D